Sunday, April 19, 2009


The score last night:

Nuts (aka my team) 124
Pissahs 42

That's two games for us with a ridiculous point differential in our favor. I'm actually having a tough time being super wicked happy because I feel kind of bad. I'm definitely proud - I think we played a great game, especially considering the fact that we were down four players and almost everyone was in every other jam. Still, 82 points..... yikes. Maybe I'm still hanging on to last year's hundred point defeat of the Nuts and how that felt. The circumstances were hugely different this time around (totally different players on the Pissahs, the rancor between the teams was pretty much nil) but I just hope they didn't feel like the Nuts did last year.

Either way, it was a blast playing the Pissahs. I loved how they came over before skating through the curtain and hugged every one of us. How classy was that? There was a lot of hugging and praising between Nuts and Pissahs after the game too. Also, when their theme song came on during the after party, the Nuts and Pissahs all danced together. That *never* would have happened last year. 

I think the next time we play them will be very different - their new skaters will have had another bout under their belts, and they'll have had a few months to gel as a team. Granted, I hope we'll have our injured players back, but either way I think it'll be a lot closer. Same with the Cosmos. The learning curve is steeper for new players than vets, and I anticipate some really tough fights as the season goes on.

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