Sunday, April 26, 2009

At least I can say more about this third "CONGRATS", because there was an audience.

I ended my security stint at tonight's NHRD bout on the floor, screaming wordlessly as they won their first ever home bout against PRD's Killah Bees. I was literally on all fours, pounding the concrete floor with my fist (ow), and crying hysterically while screaming "YES! YES! YES! I LOVE YOU NHRD". I have never done anything even close to that at a sporting event in my life. I thought I was going to have a stroke I was screaming so hard.

I now understand why people attend professional sports games in the winter while topless and covered in team-colored body paint. When Rosie got lead jammer in the last jam of the night I wanted to rip my shirt off and wave it like a flag.

I remember showing Dee Stortion and Dementia A-Go-Go how to do plough stops in a parking lot last July when their league practices consisted of a handful of girls dodging clumsy pre-teens at an open skate in Tyngsboro. They've come so far, and built this league up from nothing, and I'm so proud of them I can't contain myself.

Today was a really, really good day for so many people I love. Way to go, life. Thanks for taking such good care of my friends. :D

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