Thursday, May 14, 2009


Great news about the knee, eh? Hooray for me! Oh wait, Jessie, you can't be happy for that long. We're revisiting last year's season, what with the injuries and being off skates. Since your knee is ok, why don't you come down with a nice fever! Say, 104 degrees? Let's fill your lungs and sinuses with dark greenish/brown glop, make it very difficult to breathe, and have your heart race until it feels like it'll burst out of your chest. I think that sounds just dandy.

Screw everyone for not washing their goddamned hands at the hospital. Screw me for not doing it either. I can't win. I CAN'T WIN.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hooray for my knee!

I went to the ortho specialist today, and left in tears. These were tears of absolute joy, because I apparently only have a medial meniscal tear, and not the blown ACL that I was sure I had. After wobbling my leg around a whole bunch, he said the most beautiful words in the English language:

"You're fine, now walk."

He said my ACL felt strong, my MCL felt strong, there was no noticeable fluid on my knee, and only minor swelling. The rehab is to use a stationary bike to work on my range of movement, and to "skate as soon as possible" to get my knee back up to speed. I'll only need an MRI if I don't see any improvement. Even if I need surgery (which he says isn't likely) the recovery time will be very quick because it's not very invasive. I can't BELIEVE my luck. 

I got to walk out of the office carrying my crutches. I was sobbing because I was so happy. I missed a golden opportunity, though - I so wanted to throw my crutches and leg immobilizer to the ground and scream "HALLELUJA! I'm HEALED!" and skip out of there. However, looking around at the patients with their broken this and that (and crucifixes on chains) made me reconsider.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vitamin awesome.

I'm pretty sure I blew my ACL. I hope next season is as awesome as this very short season was. :(

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