Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Must... find... silver... lining....

Weak people give up. I am not a weak person, therefore I will take pleasure in the following positive aspects of not being able to skate right now:

1. I can spend more time working out my arms, which have gone all small and wussy since trading weight-lifting time for roller derby time.
2. I can go to scrimmages and watch so I can keep learning. Being more of a visual learner than a kinesthetic learner, this will only help me in the long run.
3. Favoring my left leg for a while will help it get stronger, and since that's the one that gets tired all the time (yay skating counter-clockwise!), this is helpful anyway.
4. Since breaking my tailbone, I never expected to bout this season anyway, so only missing out on scrimmages right now. These take place every weekend, so there will be plenty more waiting for me when I get better again.

So while I feel like I'm trying to stand up in pounding surf (being knocked down by wave, after wave, after wave just as I get to my feet), I'll get to my goddamned feet if I keep at it. I figure I'll just have really strong quads after getting up from falling down so many times.

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