Saturday, April 26, 2008

I scrimmaged! Holy crap!

I’m elated. You have no idea.

I scrimmaged, and I didn’t fall apart, I didn’t break my neck, I didn’t break anyone else’s neck, and I also did the following:

-had no trouble at all keeping up with the pack. This was my main goal and I accomplished it. Hooray!
-didn’t get one penalty. Granted, I wasn’t terribly aggressive, but still, no penalties!
-I tried every blocking position and did something successful in each one, even if it was a small success.
-I had a great moment when my brain made my body go in for a hit before I said to myself "there is the jammer, I should hit her now". Granted, I missed, but it was like that first moment in Spanish class when I thought "mantequilla" instead of "butter in Spanish is... mantequilla". Does that make sense?

Plus, I can’t even say how much it meant to me when people told me I didwellafterwards. I was in tears by the time we started stretching because I was so happy. I feel like such a sap, but I freely admit that I totally burst into crazy "I’m so happy" sobs when I got home and told Steve all about it. It just feels sogoodto finally be able to play.

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