Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Out with season 3, in with season 4

It's been many moons since I've moved my quilt posts over to rollerderbyquilt.blogspot.com. I figure I should finally start using this thing again for its original purpose - to babble into teh intarwebs on the off chance that someone out there cares to read about my derby experience. Am I blogging into the darkness? Are other derby people actually reading this? I suppose it amounts to the same thing.

The season was pretty rich for me as far as BDD goes. The Nuts won the championship and remained undefeated this season (NUTS OUT!). I hit people and they fell down, and spent my share of time on the ground too. I continued to have panic attacks whenever I saw our speed coach (Speedy Dan) arrive at Wednesday practices. Our travel team placed third in the east and went to Nationals for the first time ever. My husband announced at Nationals and did a great job. My skater sister got "best rookie" for her team and I got "Best Team Player" for mine. I wore a tutu sometimes. It was ok.

Right now we're in our "off season," which basically means our "skating and practicing and working on committees, but not actually bouting" season. Our freshmeat are just starting contact, which is my favorite thing ever and I'm stupid excited to teach them whatever I can. It's probably going to be hard to top last season, but I'm pleasantly hopeful that this season will at least kick a decent amount of butt.

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