Monday, March 2, 2009

ATTN: my first bout is coming up. Please come!!!

Please please please mark your calendars! I'm skating in my first Boston Derby Dames bout with the Nutcrackers on March 21, and I'd be thrilled to see some familiar faces in the audience.

Info below:


Doors at 4 pm
Shriners Auditorium, Wilmington, MA
Tickets $14 in advance, $16 at the door (good for both bouts of the double header)
Season tickets now available!

Bout #1: 5 pm: Boston Massacre vs. Charm City Roller Girls (Baltimore, Maryland)
Bout #2: 7 pm: Nutcrackersvs. Cosmonaughties

Bout #1: Almost two years since first facing off against (and n-a-r-r-o-w-l-y beating) Charm City, the Boston Massacre once again hosts Baltimore's hard-hitting all-stars. Read the April 14, 2007 bout recap or the recap of the Wicked Pissah's April 2008 smackdown of Charm City's champion Night Terrors in a Season Two expo bout.

Halftime set by While Rome Burns.

Bout #2: And kicking off the home team season, the second bout of the evening sees the Nutcrackers take on the Cosmonaughties for the first time since Season Two's playoff bout in April 2008. The home teams have come out of the off-season with seriously shaken up rosters, new leadership, and still-untested rookies. Will the Nuts have an advantage with a veteran-heavy team? Or will the Cosmos capitalize on the energy of their freshmeat skaters?

After party in the Fez Room with DJ John Barera

Please come! I can't say how much it would mean to me!

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