Monday, September 3, 2007


Today I had a lovely time skating with Rachel and Ali up in NH, up until their friend Mike broke his leg. Poor guy - I hope he heals up quickly and inexpensively!

I also realized that I do better when semi-distracted. When I'm concentrating and focusing like crazy on whatever we're doing, I waaaaay overthink things and screw up royally. However, when I was explaining things and cracking jokes, I was completely fine.

I failed crossovers during my assessment because I wasn't pushing off with both feet. I did them perfectly today, and I could do them on command (so I know this wasn't a fluke). I also did a few decent 180 degree single knee falls, which have been the bane of my goddamned existance for some time.

The most significant thing for me today was this: Rachel asked me to show her what single-knee falls looked like, and I said that I could show her only on one leg because of my tendonitis. I showed her a bunch of times, getting up fairly easily each time. As I was explaining how to position my feet, I suddenly realized that I had been using the wrong leg the whole time! I wanted to do a backflip I was so happy. I hope this means I can do them in practice - granted, I need to check with my doctor first, but this gives me a lot of hope.

I really want to find a way to go and do that again. I really liked skating with them, and I'd love to skate with the other girls who are trying to start the league. I need all the practice I can get, and this was such a nice way to spend my last day off before school starts.

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