Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sunday was my first practice after our long off-season (plus being sick for a week), and I had a blast. It felt so weird to be one of the strong skaters for once (since it was a newbie practice) and that's still messing with my head... I can't shake the mental image of being physically larger than the new skaters... Not in a fat-ass way, but in a "little kid drawing with the adults being HUGE" way. Was this how last-year's vets felt?

I think a sad, broken little piece of me is falling away like old skin. Well, at least I hope so. I dragged myself through the year and, from an emotional standpoint, finished the season running on fumes. By getting teamed right at the very end, I didn't have time to adjust to the status of being a teamed skater, and I was still carrying around the "I'm unteamed and everyone is better than I am" mentality. That definitely left scars, but being in the "giving advice" role was extremely healing for me. 

I hope that continues, because it feels so good.

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