Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Whip It....

I just had to buy it today, and I'm definitely enjoying all the wacky Hollywood shenanigans. However, there are two things that consistently make me scream at the television, much to the chagrin of my pug:

1. It's called A whip, not THE whip! Do you call an uppercut "the uppercut," or a home run "the home run?" Of course not, because it sounds stupid.

2. Does ANYONE watch the inside line in these bouts?

However, there is one thing that totally makes me tear up and get all sappy:

1. The scene in the alterna-hipster-shop where she first sees roller derby skaters. I remember that exact moment in my life - sitting on my couch, flipping through the channels, and catching a glimpse of a tattooed chick in a helmet smashing into another tattooed chick in a helmet.

I wonder how many other girls have already had that moment while watching this movie. I'd like to think a lot have, or will when they rent it or get it from Netflix. Maybe watching that absurdly open inside line will help them learn to guard it a bit more closely when they decide to be their own heroes.


Shae said...

Girl you aren't the only one that was WTF with part of the movie.

You are right about the first derby sighting, mine was a little different. I remember reading about Kitty training and getting ready for tryouts. I never though I would be able to do derby but now I'm training for tryouts.

KeezingPenguin said...

I remember that moment. I was hanging out at a local convenience store type place (owned by one of the founding members of our local league). They tried to recruit me, but I was too young. They tried several more times, and when I turned 19, I joined the league!