Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Derby this weekend. Please come! (Better yet, volunteer!)

We need help at the upcoming bout. Seriously. If you're around this saturday and would be willing to stand in a staircase for a few hours, we'll reward you with a great view of the action and hopefully a burrito for your troubles. Oh, and our eternal gratitude. I'm serious.

In other news, I'm bummed that tonight was my last practice for almost two weeks. I can't wait to go to Provincetown, but I'll miss skating. I've recently figured out how to make my body do this thing I've seen all the "good" skaters do at bouts, and I want to keep doing it. It's kind of a swoop, with both knees bent nice and low, and my weight leaning into my front leg. Hard to explain, and harder to figure out because no one can explain it, but you know it when you've finally gotten it just right. It's so useful when we swoop/hit/stop!

I feel like I'm finally starting to GET this sport. It's only taken me 2 years..... sheesh.

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