Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to skating

Last night was my first practice back after being out with my knee injury. I was sure that I'd be useless after 2 month off skates, but I had a shockingly good practice! I need to get my timing back when hitting hard to the outside, and I need to get up more quickly when I fall. My jammer awareness could be better too, but all of these will come back quickly - they always have before.
Like other times, I seem to have come back with a few new skills! Normally one of my two Major Weaknesses is getting trapped behind people - I've never been able to maneuver quickly. Last night I did admirably well getting out from behind booty blocks, though. I've NEVER been able to do that before! Also, I've figured out how to do those annoying super-fast, repetitive little hits we've been working on.
All in all, I'm very proud. I can't wait to scrimmage this weekend. :D
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