Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I may have created a monster.

How have things been going in quilt-land, you ask? Since my decision to base my MSAE thesis project on roller derby has been approved, it's been going almost freakishly well. The panel that reviewed my benchmark presentation was pretty gung-ho about the quilt, and I've been given the go-ahead to go bat-shit crazy with this until my thesis show next year. Ever since last week it's been a quilt-o-rama at the Dread household, and then I got the crazy idea to email everyone I could possibly think of who's life has been touched by roller derby.

I spent the better part of three hours on Monday emailing every single league on the western half of the US in the hopes of getting a few more squares for the quilt. Over the past three days I have received over a hundred responses. Many are "I'll post this to my league and hopefully someone will contact you", which is simply fabulous. However, quite a few have been significantly more awesome. Thanks to everyone who has responded, but special thanks go to these three anonymous leagues:

"... can I have your mailing address and I'll send it out this week!!!"

"Oh, you're so lucky the crafter on our league also maintains the MySpace!"

"I can easilly put together a few squares to send off for you to add, but what I would really like to do is contribute a whole panel..."

I've simply taken to squealing every time I hear the little "ping" of my inbox getting another email. Tonight I'll hit the eastern half of the country, and I'll use this weekend to work on contacting international leagues. In my fantasy world, every state and every country will be represented on the quilt. That might be too much to ask, but a girl can dream...


B-17 said...

Someone just posted your email to our Yahoo group-- actually, our webmaster said it came in through the website yesterday and reposted it. So I don't know if anyone's responded to you. My team was going to have a Craft Night bonding get-together on the 4th of October anyway. I bet we could come up with something. I actually was up late last night coming up with roller derby embroidery patterns-- have you seen Sublime Stitching's one? I was a little underwhelmed-- there are much cooler moves in derby than a flying elbow in hotpants. I was actually planning to come up with some neat designs based on action shots from our league photographer, and then was going to embroider them on canvas tote bags for Christmas presents. But I'd love to do one for a quilt!! (I'm a very inexperienced embroiderer-- just finishing my first major project-- but it's really not at all difficult, especially if you've done illustration work in the past!)

One of our skaters is doing a thesis on roller derby as well-- she's a sociologist, and there's going to be a writeup about it in Blood & Thunder magazine!

This sport is so cool.
Nickel City Knockouts / Queen City Roller Girls / Buffalo, NY

Slip said...

Is this a personal project or do you imagine auctioning it off for charity or something similar? Just wondering the scope of it. It looks very cool!!

dreadnought said...

I suppose it depends on the ultimate size of the quilt. A few people had asked about auctioning it off and donating to charity, so that's definitely a possibility. At the very least I want to show it at events like Rollercon.