Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hee hee

I skated up and down Commercial St. today and had a lovely time. Steve walked with me, kindly carrying my crocs so we could stop for a lunch break. On hills I tended to lose him (because I'd have to speed up to go uphill, and I couldn't help but pick up even more speed on my way down). While I felt bad about that, this gave him the chance to overhear some choice things that people said about me when I was out of earshot. Two gems:

The (presumably) straight-ish couple
Woman: [whispers to the dude with her]
Dude: So go tell her that!
W: No!
D: It's ok. We're both attracted.

The two gay guys on bikes passing us in the opposite direction as I race down a steep hill in a deep squat
Guy 1: I just wanted to smack her ass.
Guy 2: Yeah, but she looks like one of those derby girls. She'll probably kick your ass.

I love Provincetown. I want to keep my skates on all the time here.

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