Friday, January 2, 2009

so angry

[NOTE: I'm in a horrendous mood right now, and will probably feel very silly later when my skates finally do arrive]

Stupid slow-ass express mail. I hate New Year's. It's a boring holiday that only inconveniences me by making my newly-mounted skates NOT arrive overnight, despite paying extra for expedited shipping. Everything about that holiday is stupid, and I spend every New Years wanting to do something fun, but not being able to because there are too many drunk people in restaurants, on the roads, and in my way. It's a stupid, arbitrary holiday where nothing cool happens. There's no good food, people only get together to do things I don't enjoy, and nothing good is on TV.

How was this past Wednesday any different than Thursday? In my eyes, not at all.

I want some damned ice cream. GOD I'm so cranky.

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