Friday, July 27, 2007

Knee frustrations.

My knee is still sore, and this really bugs me. It still crunches, but I agree with my PT - something about it seems better than it was. We're apparently going to really "step it up" during PT next week, and "wail on it" to build strength in my quads. Seeing as I am a weirdo and I love this kind of thing, I'm looking forward to it. I just want to get better so I can become a better skater, pass my skills assessment, get my skater name, and start learning contact.

Until then, I'll be skating casually at open skates to build up my leg muscles, and taking it as easy as I can stand to during practices. From what I'm told, tendinitis (that spelling seems so wrong) seems like a "nagging, annoying condition", but it can get really bad if I ignore it and try to work through the pain. This reminds me so strongly of mono - I'd have periods where I felt *fine*, but could in fact rupture my spleen if I did anything remotely physical. While I don't feel fine, I feel better, but I can't overdo it like I want to. Dammit.

Argh. I wish I had a ray gun with which I could just zap away the pain.

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